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Our Services

  • Wedding dance package (please contact below for quote) 


 ****We also have package DEALS for less than 5 days and more than 10 days! (to get your deals please contact us).


If you have any questions about classes, times or deals please send a message in the box below or call us. Thank you****

NO REFUNDS 48 hours before the class starts. If you cancel a lesson the day of it counts as a class. Please reschedule 24 hours before your lesson.

Studio Locations:

(In Ripley Grier studios)

520 W 36th Street, 16th Floor

New York, NY 10018


Other locations

(The Gibney Studios) 

280 Broadway Building 

53a Chambers St, New York, NY 10007


890 Broadway 5th floor, New York, NY 10003

Contact us:

Tel:    (646) 653 - 5834


**Online booking must be done at least one week in advance for last minute bookings please email
No refunds: 48 hours before lessons, if canceled on the same day it would count as a class. if you have any questions please call us.
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