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About The Owner & Style Your Motion 

                                                       There is this idea that some people are born with rhythm and born knowing how to dance, and some aren’t.                                                             There is also the misconception that memorizing choreography is learning how to dance. Patricia believe that                                                         dance is a form of expression that can help people from all backgrounds not only through exercise, but also                                                             find their own style in motion.


                                                       As a kid Patricia always had a passion for dance but her father who raised both her brother and her alone                                                                 couldn’t afford to pay for dance lessons. She did not know where or how to begin, so she watched and                                                                         imitated her brother pop locking, waving, and (as she would say) “his attempts to break dance” every chance                                                           she had. Patricia was around 10 years old when she saw her brother practicing in their living-room where                                                                 there was a mirror that covered up an entire wall. Her brother would repeatedly play the song practicing his                                                           dance to which amazed Patricia how cool and unnatural his moves were.


It wasn’t until 5th grade at P.S. 11 that Patricia had a chance to take a real dance class, a ballroom dance class. Even though it wasn’t Hip Hop, she wouldn’t have cared if it was a class on the “hokey pokey”, as long as it was still dance. After taking the class and learning the ballroom dance techniques, She was chosen to compete in a swing dance competition and won her first championship. Walking in with a crowd of about 10 different schools competing for the same thing was a bit intimidating but “the energy in the gym (where the competition was located) was simply mesmerizing” - P. Als.


When Patricia went off to middle school, her desire to dance was still there. Her passion for hip-hop, pop lock and freestyle dance was still in her, even though she was terrible at it (at the time). Around that time YouTube came about, so she started watching great dancers pop locking, breakdancing and bone breaking, to any song. Her other big inspiration was Michael Jackson, especially his Billie Jean performance, you know the one where he introduce the moonwalk for the first time and on top of that dancing alone on stage without any background dancers. Although my brother made fun of me when he caught me trying to do the wave and pop, she kept practicing and practicing. She watched  herself improve little by little until her wave and pop were on point.


Looking back on my story She realized she was never good at dancing until she started practicing and watching myself in the mirror. “Anyone can dance, it’s all about looking deep inside yourself and putting in the time to find your own style” - P.Als.

Private dance lesson -  wedding dance package -song: one dance by: Drake


                                                                       Now, imagine yourself at a wedding, a party or even on a hot date and someone asks you to dance,                                                                                 show off your moves! How would you feel? Maybe you’re too shy, think you have no rhythm and you                                                                               rather not embarrass yourself, in front of people.


                                                                       In NYC alone, there are approximately 305 dance companies that offer beginner classes daily- tens of                                                                             thousands of New Yorkers want to learn to dance! The problem is that they don’t give the skills                                                                                       beginners need in real life situations, and jump right into a complex choreography. As a result a                                                                                       client feels uncomfortable and frustrated seeing everybody else in the class memorize the                                                                                                 choreography, losing their confidence in the process.


Style Your Motion makes people feel the opposite by breaking down movements into simpler steps,

so that the beginner can focus on their style and rhythm. The goal we work towards with clients

is being able to freestyle dance - in other words; moving to almost any song that comes on at a 

wedding or party. So forget all those dancers who have taken classes for years and focus on you:

the person who wants to learn how to freestyle dance and of course look good doing it!


Since opening, Style Your Motion has gotten over 100 clients of which a significant

amount are returning clients, Partnered with businesses such at linkedIn and host events.

Clients have learn the techniques needed to freestyle dance and find their style in motion.

So, what is your style in motion?

Connect and contact us through Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & the Style your motion website

Teaching at LinkedIn - 2018

Studio Locations:

(In Ripley Grier studios)

520 W 36th Street, 16th Floor

New York, NY 10018


Other locations

(The Gibney Studios) 

280 Broadway Building 

53a Chambers St, New York, NY 10007


890 Broadway 5th floor, New York, NY 10003

Contact us:

Tel:    (646) 653 - 5834


**Online booking must be done at least one week in advance for last minute bookings please email
No refunds: 48 hours before lessons, if canceled on the same day it would count as a class. if you have any questions please call us.
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